Stretch Ear Lobes: Where Should Earlobe Stretching Stop?

Published: 20th February 2012
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Why do people stretch ear lobes? Stretched earlobes are very fashionable right now, in the early years of the 21st century, but why is it done and where should earlobe stretching stop? Perhaps not just earlobes, but it seems that once everything that could be pierced had been pierced, the next step was to go back and copy history by stretching piercings, and this has commenced with the earlobes. How far will this go?

If we look at the more ancient cultures in South America and Africa, the logical steps would be to copy the extended piercings of the conch of the ear, the nose and the lips, but then would not this become more a form of bodily mutilation than a fashionable gauged piercing?

How far are people prepared to go? What next for the current gauge queens and kings? Nasal piercings stretched down to the lips? Labial piercings reaching the neck - there comes a time when fashion must stop and common sense take over, and the fashionable piercing industry that may be driving these trends should offer the sensible and healthy advice that is needed.

It is Not Unhealthy to Stretch Ear Lobes

It is not wrong or unhealthy to stretch ear lobes. However, excessive bodily mutilations may not be acceptable to society in general, which in effect isolates those that choose them. That may have not have been your initial objective, but there comes a point when the dedicated follower of fashion becomes more freakish to the rest than fashionable. That is where the line should be drawn for the benefit of those that may go too far to appear different.

What is the objective of these comments that may seem offensive to some and sensible to others? It is simply to ask people to stop and think before they change their body in a way that they will perhaps be unable to reverse. Many people have had tattoos that they have later regretted, and have been able to have them removed by laser surgery or even over-tattooing.

A stretched piercing cannot be reversed other than by expensive reconstructive plastic surgery. So, before you let yourself be overexcited and exceed the normal limits of earlobe stretching, think about what you are doing and why.

Jewellery for Earlobe Stretching

That said, and you are comfortable with stretching your earlobes to sizes generally larger than most would consider, then you have an excellent choice of ear furniture and jewellery with which you can adorn your new look. Some like the 'see-through' look of flesh tunnels, while others prefer to blank out the stretching with plugs. Irrespective of the camp you belong to you will find a good choice of jewellery to suit.

Most prefer plastic, wood or metal and Silicone flesh Tunnels , and these can be adorned with stones of many types, from garnets to diamonds, or capped with genuine amber, turquoise or amethyst crystals. Some like to use their stretched earlobes as a base for hanging various forms of jewellery, chains or danglers, while others would rather continue to gently expand the stretching by hanging weighty silver or gold medallions or anything else that further stretches the earlobe.

Not all stretchings are restricted to the earlobe of course, and some like to create flesh tunnels in the conch, the cartilaginous part of the main ear diametrically opposite the tragus. As more people stretch earlobes those that prefer to set the trends will look to other facial areas to modify - initially alternative areas of the ear, but they will later consider other parts of their body to pierce and stretch.

So the initial question, where should earlobe stretching stop, really answers itself - it stops when everybody is doing it, and when the earlobe is no longer the cool place to stretch. Then it may be the conch or even some other part of the body. It is difficult to imaging the tragus being stretched - the cartilage is too tough and the lips are a far easier option, as many Africans know.

Africa and the Amazon Set the Trends

It appears that Western young people lag behind the Dark Continent in many respects, but particularly with regard to facial modification and adornment. Some South American indigenous peoples also seem to suddenly have become trendsetters, because once earlobe stretching is commonplace it is likely that the Amazonian practices may be followed.

To an Amazonian woman the word 'lipstick' means not what it does to you. Many wear three sticks spaces equally round their bottom lip or cheeks that are affixed to the inside of their mouth, often with a septum stick through their nose. Is this next for the Western teenager with a desire to buck the trend?

It is easy today to stretch ear lobes to any extent you wish, and nobody can answer the question of where earlobe stretching should stop. However, while we consider the question of why it began in Western culture we should also consider that it will certainly be replaced by more body modifications once earlobe stretching becomes the norm - and prepare for that with the jewellery and adornments that will be needed.

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